Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sorry Seems to be the hardest word...

Hey anyone out there who is actually reading my stuff!
Im currently in the process of discovering that Sorry indeed is not the hardest word... it is in fact another popular word called goodbye...
It has been a long time since my last post, and since I've not proved myself to be a marathon blogger even before that, Excuse me if I am a little rusty:)
Now that apologies are out of the way... It has been a pretty slow day at work and I thought I should put my thoughts up on a blog(where else!)

Before I started rambling, was actually talking about the word Goodbye...

Well I came to this great city to do my MBA and it has been a wonderful experience... I've met so many wonderful people and some are friends for life:)... Trust me, this is a huge turn around from my first opinion of the city.. When the aeroplane was cruising to land and I got my first glimpse of Mumabi, I HATED it! There was absolutely no greenery and all i saw was a couple of dusty buildings. Coming from one of the greenest states of India, I was not excited at all.:)
I've stayed on to join a company which most would consider an unusual career choice, but I've learnt so much and gotten to meet some more awesome ppl, and yes, the learning has been awesome.
Yea, there are many people who choose to turn up their noses at the maximum city (My mom and dad included), its noise, pollution, dirt, grime, and hopelessness. But if you look at this city with kinder eyes, it is easy to see the beauty that lies beneath all the despair.
When I first came to the city, I remember seeing a poster calling people to enroll in an acting/ dancing school. It was an instant reminder that this city is where dreams are made and crushed every single day.
The greatest quality of this city (atleast for me) was annonymity. Back home, ppl are orthodox and that can make life pretty difficult. Here there is no aunty/ uncle who is ur Dads's/ Mom's nth cousin waiting to 'report' you lest you should , God forbid, be seen hanging out with your friends(only boys are a problem).:)
I think what makes Mumbai is its people... take that away, and the city fades to nothingness.
Enough of the eulogy, point is in one month, I will be saying good bye to this great city for some period of time. I have to say I have loved every moment of my time here.
When I went home this time, my aunt told me to become self reliant, all you have to do is spend one month in Mumbai.

I think she had a point.


Surjeet said...

Thoughts well posted... :) Imagine what would I have thought when i started from Chennai after 10 years... Hot and humid to rainy and cool.. :P

cute n confused said...

naice!! i love bombay! :D
i like the way you say that its the ppl that make the place... so totally agree!! :D

Daniyal Arain said...

Sorry. Wasn't that hard for me :D